How To Participate in a Dive Against Debris®?

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What is a Dive Against Debrisdiver?

A Dive Against DebrisDiver takes direct ‘fins on’ action for the ocean, collecting criticalsurvey data fromany or every dive that can beused by marine researchers and policymakers for conservation efforts.


  • Minimumcertification: PADI Junior Open WaterDiver (or equivalent).
  • Minimumagerequirement: 10 years old
  • Dive AgainstDebris Specialty Certification
  • As a one dive specialty, the Dive Against Debris course counts as an adventure dive in the PADI Advanced Open Water Course..

Why should you become a Dive Against DebrisDiver?

Help keep your favorite dive site and local marine environment free of debris and contribute to the largest global underwater database in the world. To reduce marine debris by 50% in targeted countries by 2030, we need everyone working together at local, national and international levels. See PADI AWARE’s Marine Debris page for more information.

How do I become a Dive Against DebrisDiver?

Any Junior Open Water Diver or higher can take the Dive Against DebrisSpeciality course and help tackle marine debris issues head on. Become a diver to join the world’slargestunderwatercitizen science movement on the planet.